Corrugated Equipment

Konrad's patented two-piece Rayzer Blocks are designed for Marquip Model 1 Splicers and can save your company up to 75% of maintenance down time compared to the OEM (9113670) style blocks.  Because there is no need to remove the lead screw, you'll be amazed at how quickly the the blocks can be installed. In addition, our Rayzer Blocks have a 1000 PSI higher tensile and compressive strength, providing a much longer service life compared to the one-piece blocks.

The assembled blocks are either right-hand (RH) or left-hand (LH) and we recommend that you replace both at the same time.  Just click on "TECHNICAL SUPPORT" and the installation manual will show you just how easy Rayzer Blocks are to install.

Konrad also provides the bushings and lead screws. Part numbers are as follows:

600-132 – LH Block

600-141 – RH Block

350-863 – Bushing

500-199 – Lead Screw, 74.125”

500-200 – Lead Screw, 75.125”